Tomorrow marks the start of the 30th Annual Tensho Dojo Iaido and Kenbu/Shibu Summer Course. We will be receiving two weeks of intensive tuition from our Headmaster who has arrived from Japan and has done so each summer since 1989.

If you would like to know more about a traditional Japanese sword discipline, and see us train, why not come down the Curve, at Tudor Road, Sudbury. We will be training at the following times:

Saturday 27th July: 14:00 – 16:00
Sunday 28th: 10:00-12:00
Tuesday 30th: 6.30-9:00
Wednesday 31st: 6.30-9:00
Thursday 1st August: 6.30-9:00
Monday 5th: 6:30-9:00
Tuesday 6th: 6.30-9:00
Wednesday 7th: 6.30-9:00
Thursday 8th: 6.30-9:00

We look forward to seeing you there!